15 Oct 2012

RE-UP. The Power Of Orchestra - Moussorgsky: Rene Leibowitz, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. SACD-ISO + CD

Sony PS3 SACD to ISO | DSD 1bit-2822,4kHz 2.0 | 1.76GB
Classical | Label: Analogue Productuons | Catalog Number: CAPS 2659 SA
RAR 3% Rec.

With the many recordings of both these works currently available and reviewed on this site, I think I can go straight to the audiophile considerations involved. This particular Living Stereo Pictures was recorded for RCA Victor in Kingsway Hall and engineered by the renowned Kenneth Wilkinson, five years later than the Living Stereo Pictures featuring Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The later version has been called by some one of the best-sounding orchestral recordings ever made. I must disagree and wonder why it was made when RCA had the blockbuster Reiner Pictures, which is one of the gems of the Living Stereo collection...

01. A Night On Bare Mountain 10:41
02. Promenade - Pictures At An Exhibition 01:31
03. Gnomus 02:29
04. Promenade 00:50
05. ll Vecchio Castello 04:41
06. Promenade 00:32
07. Tuileries 01:02
08. Bydlo 02:21
09. Promenade 00:45
10. Ballet Of The Chicks In Their Shells 01:09
11. Samuel Goldenburg And Schmuyle 01:59
12. The Market Place At Limoges 01:21
13. Catacombs: Con Mortuis In Lingua Mortua 04:32
14. The Hut On Fowl's Legs 03:15
15. The Great Gate Of Kiev 05:14

...I find the later recording more blaring in its sonics - not nearly as rich and balanced-sounding as Reiner’s version. While both conductors amp up the dramatic elements of the work, Reiner’s just sounds more musical, and it benefits from the three-channel reproduction of the RCA Red Seal SACD. The Leibowitz SACD has a flatter soundstage due to it being only two-channel. There is also less deep bass than in the Reiner recording. Finally, there is nothing else provided on the more recent recording, which runs about 43 minutes total, and retails for $29. Whereas the Reiner Pictures has a total of 71 minutes, filled out with short and dramatic pieces by Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky and Glinka in addition to the two Moussorgsky works, and it retails for about $10. ‘Nuff said. - audaud.com, John Sunier

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  1. Thanks for another AP!
    Do you have somewhere better/bigger disc scan than the one presented above ?
    The rip is from July so I guess you don't have the sacd_log...
    Anyway - thanks for full CD rip!!

  2. Thank you again! I really appreciate you provide full scans and logs.

  3. re-loaded, re-uped, added...

  4. Thanks for re-uploading, I missed this one!

  5. This is a fantastic, majestic, stellar release! It has Rene Leibowitz's re-orchestration of the "Night of the Bald Mountain".
    If only we could get another remastered SACD for the Bach-Leibowitz Passacaglia & Fugue.

  6. Could you please reupload? Many thanks in advance!